Like Humans, operating equipment gets old and quits working.  Irrigator booms seem to age ungracefully and due to their size, can be an eye sore in an otherwise pristine environment.  In the case of booms like the ITS or Quantum boom you may find that you can no longer find replacement parts and are offered limited support.   As much as Cherry Creek Systems would love to remove that old clunker and replace it with a shiny new Double Rail Boom from CCS, we also realize that making an investment in new equipment is not always an option for our customers.

At the core of our business, we want what’s best for our customers so they can responsibly grow their businesses and be around for decades to come.  This is precisely why we have spent considerable time and money to reverse engineer and manufacture repair parts for a number of antiquated booms systems.  In addition to replacement parts, we also design our boom controllers to allow for upgrade or replacement kits for almost any manufacturers boom in the world.  With a little information and a smart maintenance crew, we can restore the core functions of your ugly boom.  Now as far as the esthétiques, we can only suggest sandpaper, spray paint and elbow grease.  …..But as stated in the title, WHO CARES!   So go put that ugly, rust-covered, but “functioning” irrigator boom to work.