1) An Official Estimate from Cherry Creek Systems

When banks evaluate the possibility for a loan on greenhouse accessories, they will need an estimate. This estimate should include both Equipment and Installation costs.

Even if you choose to do your own installation of greenhouse accessories an official one from us is still important. Working with you we can structure your irrigation boom estimate and provide important information like Labor Savings and The Ongoing Value of Used Equipment.

2) Your Financials

Your bank requires several key things when assessing your loan.

Things like a credit report, purpose of the loan, profit and loss statements over a 3 year period, financial improvement to your business, percentage of money down, key business contracts and how the money will be spent. Keeping these things clearly categorized will help make their decision for greenhouse accessory financing much easier.


3) Apply, Apply, Apply

There are many traditional and non-traditional opportunities for business improvement loans. A rejection shouldn’t be a dead-end. Often rejections to an irrigation boom application turn into acceptance thru restructuring or by presenting it to another institution.

Cherry Creek is committed to helping you grow your business. The good news is that we have seen many loan applications for our greenhouse accessories approved. Banks understand the immediate labor savings and efficiencies of our irrigation booms and other products.

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