Who manufactures the Boom & ECHO systems that Cherry Creek distributes?

We do! Cherry Creek Systems operates from a state-of-the-art facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our in-house staff is dedicated to producing the finest quality greenhouse technology and service in the industry. We manufacture 90 percent-plus of our own parts.

What kind of rail/track do the ECHO automated irrigation systems suspend from?

The ECHO automated irrigation system is designed to ride on 2 rails, spaced according to the size of Drum of the system; 20”, 30”, 40” or 50” apart, center to center. The 2 x 2 x 12-15 gauge square tubing is attached to the trusses, either on top of the bottom cord, or under it using custom ECHO Rail Drop Brackets.

What kind of rail/track do the Boom irrigation systems ride on?

The Single Rail, as the name implies, rides on a single rail, which is commonly 1 ¼” schedule 40 pipe, with support every 10-12’ (on the truss line). The boom has concave drive wheels that ride on the top of the rail. This greenhouse technology design also keeps the boom centered on the rail, and gives the drive wheels maximum surface area for a smoother, more balanced ride.

The Double Rail irrigation boom is designed to ride on 2 rails, commonly spaced 36” apart, attached to the trusses & supported by custom bullhorn brackets, using 2 x 2 x 12-14 gauge Square tubing, or 1 ½” Schedule 40 Round pipe (1.90” OD), or 1 ¼” Schedule 40 Round pipe (1 5/8” OD); all depending on the design of that particular irrigation boom.

The Tower Boom & Walk Boom greenhouse technology are designed to ride on 2 rails, attached to the post-lines & supported by custom Rail Mount Brackets, these larger sized booms require 2 x 4-6 x 11-12 gauge Rectangular tubing to support their workhorse duty frames & drive units.

What drives the units?

Drive power for both the Single and the Double Rail irrigation boom is commonly provided by 1/4 to 1/3 HP electric motors, depending on the design and the load.

Drive power for the Tower Boom & Walk Boom greenhouse technology is commonly provided by one 1/3 to 1/2 HP electric motor(s) for the Tower, or two 1/3 to 1/2 HP electric motor(s) for the Walk, depending on the design and the load.

Drive power for the ECHO irrigation boom is provided by one 1/4 to 3/4 HP electric motor, depending on the design and the load.

Drive power for ALL automated irrigation systems can be provided by either AC or DC motors, depending on the design.

What is the typical lifetime of a Cherry Creek Irrigation Boom or ECHO?

A typical life span of any given wearable part on any Cherry Creek greenhouse technology is 5 to 7 years. Some wear items vary in their need for replacement based on total use. We recommend replacing spray tips every four to five years.

How many hours of operation can be expected before repairs are needed on greenhouse technology?
A typical life span of any given wearable part on any one of the Cherry Creek irrigation booms and other equipment is 5 to 7 years. Some wear items vary in their need for replacement based on total use. We recommend replacing spray tips every four to five years.
What are the performance guarantees?
Cherry Creek provides a one-year warranty for parts on all Boom and ECHO greenhouse technology (including controllers / electronics).
Where are Parts & Service resources located? How long does it take to get parts?
Cherry Creek Systems is centrally located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, allowing for us to have quick and economical shipping methods. Due to our large volume shipping, we get great pricing, passing that savings onto the customer.
What is the best way to get help when you have an issue? How long does it take to get service?

Factory Support –We have phone technical and mechanical service & support available during normal business hours (7am to 3:30pm Mon-Fri). Call 877-558-3246 for phone support, or email cherrycreek@cherrycreeksystems.com

Greenhouse Technology Support – Cherry Creek will help on controller and programming questions. We can walk you through on-site repairs and diagnosis of your irrigation booms and other equipment. We will provide a quick turnaround for items sent in to be repaired (such as controllers). All repairs are done in-house to control quality and availability.

Controller Diagnostic & Repair – We have a dedicated and thorough team of electronics and electrical specialists on staff, allowing for quick and professional greenhouse technology repair services.

Parts – Are ordered through the parts sales department and supplied from our in-house inventory. Orders are usually pulled and shipped within one to two business days.

Design and eDrawings – Offered through our engineering department, we use Solid Works 3D for our design work and can provide drawings of any project. We specialize in custom projects and design.

Installation – Cherry Creek can provide installation and/or installation consultation. Phone consultation is free. On-site installation is quoted on a job by job basis.

What is the ideal set up for Boom or ECHO greenhouse technology for best performance and life?
All applications are different and each has its own needs. Cherry Creek will work with any situation to design the ideal Boom or ECHO greenhouse technology for that particular project.
Are water filters built into the unit?
Yes, Cherry Creek irrigation booms come with an Amiad filter and each TeeJet spray body has its own filter as well. This double filter system will keep your tips from becoming clogged if maintained and/or cleaned regularly.
How many spray head choice positions are available?
Cherry Creek partners with TeeJet for its spray components. TeeJet has an incredible array of spray products available; we can suggest set ups that have worked well for other users. If you have specialty needs, we can arrange for our TeeJet factory representative to contact you for a consultation and help you find the best possible greenhouse technology product to fit your needs.
How many different spray heads are available?
Hundreds. We have standard designs that are effective for most operations, but we can custom design for any application.
Can programs be developed that tie into weather patterns using environmental controls?

Currently Cherry Creek feels this is best accomplished by the experts; companies that make environmental controllers. This allows better “modeling” of conditions, such as using VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit), not just irrigation control. Your irrigation booms should function in unison with other equipment such as shade systems, fans, heating and cooling, venting, etc. for the best results.

Because of this, Cherry Creek has focused on designing its controllers to be compatible with today’s environmental control leaders such as Argus, Priva, Wadsworth, Q-com and others. By using dry contact relays, our controllers can be programmed to run certain crops on a ‘Remote’ signal from the environmental controls.


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