Double Rail Booms

Double Rail Booms

With the ability to irrigate the left or the right side completely independently of one another, this automatic waterer for greenhouses has full control over every application. With the stability of running on two rails, boom sway is eliminated.

"Offers more versatility, while still keeping efficiency in mind"


  • Proximity sensor for speed and motion detection
  • Magnet sensors and magnets for Home/Away/Job definition

Hose and Power Cord

  • 1” commercial grade hose
  • 16/3 industrial UV-protected electrical cord (12/3 available)

General Specifications:

  • Recommended maximum width of 42 feet
  • Recommended maximum length of 420 feet.

Spray Bar Setup

  • ¾” aluminum pipe cut, drilled and threaded to customer specifications (1” available)
  • Two ¾” solenoid valves (1” available)
  • TeeJet spray bodies w/ XR11008 tips (0.8gpm & 110 degree spray angle)

Running Rail Support and Hardware

  • CCS EZ Rail brackets (round or square)
  • CCS Bullhorn dropdown assembly
  • Rail sleeves and extensions available
  • Drop down clamps available
  • Miscellaneous hardware

CCS Wrap Around Trolleys

  • Steel ball bearing wheel design
  • Galvanized steel construction

Frame Unit

  • Shipped pre-assembled from factory
  • Carbon steel construction (hot dipped galvanized)
  • Heavy duty ¼ hp variable speed DC motor
  • Four wheel drive design
  • Telescopic spray bar support arms and hardware
  • Plumbing with quick-disconnect and ¾” ball valve
  • Dual solenoid manifold
  • Amiad in-line water filter
  • Dramm watering wand assembly w/ ¾” hose
The central frame design of a double rail boom irrigation system allows for the ability to have a center walkway down the length of the bay. When combined with Cherry Creek’s Network Irrigation Controller, the Double Rail Boom will handle the most complicated of greenhouse irrigation requirements, while assuring the precise application of fertilizers and chemicals.
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