They say teamwork makes the dream work, and after years of working in the greenhouse automation industry, we would have to agree. From the farmers to the manufacturers that help facilitate our business, we truly believe in maintaining a solid relationship with everyone that we work with. Cherry Creek Systems’ success is greatly influenced by the network of distributors and engineers that work hard to provide the highest quality of equipment and services. You can be assured of our commitment to excellence in our products, as we’ve spent years utilizing the best producers and manufacturers in the industry. We felt it was appropriate to highlight just a few of our partners. 


Leaders in Greenhouse Technology

BFG Manufacturing

BFG Manufacturing Services provides us with pristine coating services for our metals including plating, painting, and even pre-applied sealants. They consistently showcase their broad knowledge and expertise in the most innovative coating methods, which means we have some of the most durable equipment in the business.

Starting in 1947, BFG has been persistent in providing automated plating with the most environmentally friendly practices. Though they began to excel in electroplating practices, the company is now focused primarily on zinc plating, providing the best corrosion protection in the business. With over 60 years of experience, it’s no question that we can trust the team at BFG.

Agra Tech

We work with various distributors and manufacturers to make sure we’re getting the most out of our products, so you can get the best yield on your plants. One of our partners in West Texas, Agra Tech, has been dominating the subsurface drip irrigation business for years. They deliver the best service in installation, design, and support while utilizing over 60 years of experience in automated irrigation. From small leaks to major issues with your irrigation system, Agra Tech has proven that they are leaders in this industry.

Atlas Manufacturing

We are committed to giving growers the tools they need to have successful operations, but our work would mean nothing without having durable greenhouses to hold it all. Whether you’re dealing with commercial, retail, or educational farming, Atlas has the tools you need. Even if you’re just a hobbyist looking to get a leg up on your personal plant production, Atlas can accommodate your growing needs.

Founded in 1986 and based out of Georgia, the goal of Atlas coincides with ours by simply pledging to provide the best services and most affordable prices to their customers. It’s hard to maintain a trustworthy partnership in this business when everyone is focused on profit, but Atlas truly cares about their customers and their quality of work.

Greenhouse Automation Resources

At Cherry Creek, we know very well that we can’t succeed on our own. Even having international partnerships with awesome companies like We Prove Solutions in The Netherlands, only means that we are dedicated to work that much harder to provide you the best service in greenhouse automation. Our water booms and ECHO systems have garnered respect by some of the best in greenhouse automation, getting us a spotlight in prestigious agricultural blogs such as Greenhouse Management and Greenhouse Grower.

No matter how small or large your operation, Cherry Creek Systems has the knowledge accompanied by the network to support you and your greenhouse automation needs. Even if we are unable to answer a specific question, we never hesitate to reach out and ask the experts in the business.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and create a greenhouse automation system that will serve you in the years to come.