Nothing, actually. But Elon Musk did audaciously predicted that “Robots will take your jobs and governments will have to pay your wage.” Between immigration issues, lack of well-paying jobs and an over saturation of skilled laborers- many business owners are scratching their heads on what to do in today’s current market. The greenhouse industry is not immune to these problems, and one would argue that agricultural companies have one of the hardest situations to overcome. Many greenhouse or farming operations are located in rural parts of the country, which immediately cuts the labor pool down. From there, our country is experiencing one of the most dynamic immigration periods we have ever had. Business owners risk legal action and fees by hiring undocumented workers, and even if they dot their I’s and cross their T’s- there is still the chance that the documents they were given are not genuine. So what are we in the agricultural industry to do, given these unique circumstances? Greenhouse automation is an excellent choice and can be a real lifesaver for your business if you are a good candidate. The benefits are truly endless and can be just what you are looking for.

Choosing the right system
Automating any type of large operation obviously has a large upfront capital needed. For companies that are in a stage of business where they are ready to make that jump, conveyors, controllers and booms can radically transform their operation. It’s recommended that you make sure you are buying what is necessary for your specific situation. Over-buying can be just as treacherous as not automating at all. Make sure the investment made into automation equipment is well supported by your company’s cash flow. We are increasingly seeing small to medium size companies become big players in the automation game and that is a real concern that many of them have to address before making the jump to automation. We work with you to determine your needs and truly don’t want to sell you something that you don’t need. With decades in this industry, Cherry Creek Systems is a trusted source and confidant when you’re ready to automate.

Automation saves on labor costs
Business owners know that is costs a lot of money to have an employee. Between payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance and ongoing maintenance for employee equipment- it is a lot to keep up with. POS software and streamlined production helps create efficiency and fills employee gaps. What used to take a full shift of multiple employees to transfer, sort and package poinsettias to go out to market, can now be done is less time with just the assistance of a couple employees to supervise the operation. Automation saves unnecessary labor costs and allows companies to use that money in different areas that will further increase profitability of the business. Instead of paying a crew of 10 people to do menial tasks, they can focus that money on marketing efforts and ways to stay competitive within their industry. It also allows a company to stay level during their slower times, as many in the industry can only offer seasonal jobs. During slow times, companies can use that labor cost saved from unskilled workers to ramp up to improve for the next year.

Automation increases productivity
Our conveyors, booms and controllers will increase productivity for your greenhouse. As the labor costs drop, productivity goes up. Our systems help you maximize the growing space which allows for accuracy, precision and consistency within your crops. Plant damage will be minimized when everything is automated and your profits will increase. When a company is running such a large operation such as agricultural production, they cannot risk being inefficient with such a large supply of inventory. Automation is a safe and practical choice when choosing to make a change within your company.

As companies look into implementing automation, it’s important to weigh both the benefits and risks. Even though it may seem like a negative thing to replace unskilled labor with machines, it actually makes it easier to a company to keep their doors open as their profitability and efficiency increases. Unskilled positions within the agricultural industry may be few and far between, but the profits made by automating allows for job creation for different areas within your company. As you move into the future as a company dedicated to supplying the nation with your products, you’ll need to spend that money elsewhere to stay competitive and successful in today’s market. Cherry Creek Systems is here to answer any questions and help you navigate the switch to automation. Call us today!