Cherry Creek Systems is finishing out our series in Growers Speak Out by discussing weather concerns facing growers in our industry. Even though a greenhouse can solve a lot of the problems affecting growers that operate outdoors, it still comes with its own set of challenges. From choosing specific greenhouses for specific climates to making sure your budget can handle the expense of growing in the off season, it is imperative to consider every angle.

Growers Speak Out Part 4: Weather Concerns with Greenhouse Growing


We’ll start off with the obvious benefit of greenhouse growing, which is that you can grow indoors during seasons that traditionally would have been off-limits. Out of season vegetables such as peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, lettuce and basil can sustain their high demand in markets around the world. The technological advances in greenhouse growing and hydroponics allows growers to maintain a consistent supply of product. Without needing to use soil for plant production, hydroponic greenhouse growing has the advantage of fewer challenges with weed, weather and pest problems.


If you’ve never thought about growing indoors in a greenhouse, make sure to do your research on what is needed to flourish with your operation. A highly advanced system utilizing an automated irrigation system will ensure delivery of water to the plants in a uniform and consistent pattern. You will also need to make sure your systems are in place to manipulate temperature, humidity, light and CO2 levels since you are growing within a controlled environment. In addition to having the correct equipment for your greenhouse, most growers do not realize the intensive time commitment involved in starting out. Producing a viable crop year after year requires total commitment to work against the weather to keep your supply high. Some growers do not have the longevity needed to withstand the struggles, so do your research!


Growers must realize that not all greenhouses are suitable for all climates. A greenhouse that flourishes in a cool, dry climate will not do well in a hot, humid climate. Depending on the level of protection from the outside forces, growers will need to weigh what the correct option is for them. The objective is to find a greenhouse that will overcome any climatic problems while promoting maximum crop yield. It’s important to maintain a good movement of air flow, while protecting against the elements. Many growers in a temperate climate utilize greenhouses with fully clad side walls, roof, and side vents which allows more control over customizing the greenhouse based on the environment. If you’re in an area with heavy snowfall, it’s imperative that the walls of your greenhouse are built to withstand those elements as well.

It has been interesting and informative to explore the major concerns facing growers today! Hopefully, Cherry Creek Systems has been a valuable source for whatever stage of greenhouse growing that you are in. It is our number one priority to listen to the concerns of our customers, so please feel free to reach out with any unique obstacle that you are trying to overcome!