CCS Do more with less

For more than 25 years, Cherry Creek Systems has listened to their growers to design and deliver technologies that increase plant quality and boost labor efficiency. Growers don’t need more equipment, they need technology that allows them to do more with less. Why not make an investment in a piece of equipment that can handle the tasks of four different products? Always making improvements and listening to what growers are asking for, Cherry Creek is dedicated to creating technology that makes a growers’ life easier. No system is the same and Cherry Creek Systems is proud that they do not make “cookie cutter” products. Through their rigorous process of design and development, skilled engineers create customizable equipment for their clients’ unique operations. Using Solidworks programs, Cherry Creek Systems is able to pinpoint the exact measurements and requirements necessary for each set of equipment that is built. From there, they are able to manufacture the greenhouse irrigation equipment in-house at their headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cherry Creek Systems has led the way in past years with their renowned innovations such as the ECHO® Hanging Basket System, the first of its’ kind in hanging basket greenhouse automation. With much anticipation, the new Universal Attachment is set to release in Spring 2017, which will continue to allow growers to do more with less.

ECHO® Hanging Basket System

The original and still the best, the ECHO® Hanging Basket System has been the industry standard for automated hanging basket irrigation systems. It is the most cost-effective way to increase plant quality and boost labor efficiency. Made in 50”, 40”, 30” and 20” models, its improved design gives a better weight load balance with easier installation. The variable-speed AC motor option allows for different watering speeds for different basket types. Growers are also able to set separate programming times for different size baskets. The 24 hour programmable clock also allows the grower to set automatic start and stop times, and even gives the option of a remote start function compatible with the Environmental Control System.  Accurately water and fertilize crops with stronger steel and high quality parts. Need a set up for complex basket regions? Cherry Creek Systems can create single, double or triple basket levels to increase efficiency in the greenhouse. Precise, predictable and legendary- please see the ECHO System in action here:



Universal Attachment, Coming Spring 2017

Normally, it may take four pieces of equipment to accomplish a task in a greenhouse bay. Tasks such as irrigation, plant stimulation, material handling, and cutting would historically require multiple pieces of equipment to achieve the desired goal. With the Universal Attachment, set to release in Spring 2017, growers will be able to augment the tower boom to accomplish many different tasks. This will standardize the ability to change the tower boom on the fly, alter pot spacing, and modify material handling and trimming tasks. Currently, growers utilize the Tower Boom to be an irrigator and transporter, but it is much more versatile than that. Many growers currently use it to support fans, lights, mowers and pest control equipment- but the Universal Attachment will open the door to many new applications. Always committed to their customers and innovation, clients can trust that every technology released from Cherry Creek Systems is field tested and used by actual growers in the greenhouse industry.

Please stay tuned for more information in upcoming Greenhouse Grower editions, as Cherry Creek Systems releases this exciting product with a sustained commitment to doing more with less. Any questions about how Cherry Creek Systems can help automate your greenhouse to increase efficiency and save labor costs? Please get in touch here!