Horticulture professionals can agree that it is vital to employ tactics that will save time and money in a greenhouse operation. After decades of experience in the greenhouse automation industry, Cherry Creek Systems is once again leading the way with the introduction of the newest attachment to customize greenhouses. The Universal Linear Guide Attachment will take the greenhouse operation to the next level and allow growers to rest assured that they are utilizing every tool at their disposal to effectively grow products. Add mowers, lights, pest control and fans to existing equipment to improve efficiency and profits.

Releasing in Spring 2017, The Universal Linear Guide Attachment will improve the operations of greenhouses worldwide. Available in a motorized or manual version, the attachment allows for a quick disconnect and ability to move equipment from one boom to another. The on-board power for attached equipment makes it stress-free when creating a system that works for the grower. Cherry Creek Systems is dedicated to making it easier for growers to accomplish the tasks associated with greenhouse growing. Why buy more equipment to accomplish the same tasks, when growers can add an attachment to an existing set-up? What can a grower do with this new universal attachment?


It is imperative to the plants’ health to create a uniform temperature within a greenhouse. Attaching a fan on an existing boom, can be the difference between life and death for the plants. Fans also aid in hardening the plants before shipping them to market. The Universal Linear Attachment assists by bringing fans into the greenhouse to be easily attached for maximum efficiency. Rather than using an overhead fan that is cooling the entire building structure, attaching fans to moveable booms helps get the most benefit directly to the plants.



There are so many possibilities for an attachment mower within a greenhouse. The linear guides on the attachment allow for smooth mower movement across the bay. The boom can carry the mower the entire length of the bay, allowing the grower to perform trimming operations effortlessly. Unattended mowing helps increase workplace efficiency and eliminates the need for unnecessary labor. Always made with the grower in mind, easy detachment allows for easy change out of equipment. The cyclical bar cutter is also available for the greenhouse that requires it.


The abundance of pests in greenhouses due to the warm and favorable conditions and lack of natural predators, creates quite the headache for horticulture professionals. It is imperative to protect the supply from the influx of pests and insects. Many growers are looking for a safe and sustainable way to trap these pests instead of resorting to harmful chemicals. With the universal attachment from Cherry Creek Systems, growers are able to attach sticky traps to the gantry boom, while traversing the bay to capture more insects than stationary traps. It’s recommended to position the sticky traps just above the plants and readjust as the plant grows.

pest control


Lighting in greenhouse grow operations can help accelerate the flowering of various types of plants. The photoperiodic responses in plants are determined by the duration of darkness and not the period of light. So, when the natural photoperiod is short, greenhouse growers can try new things to break up the night to keep their plants growing on schedule. Most growers utilize the use of lamps in fixed locations, but it’s actually much more beneficial to attach lights to a movable boom to get the best results. It’s recommended that growers operate the boom lighting at the end of the day or middle of the night for at least 4 hours. The lights should also be mounted between 2-5 feet above the crop.

boom light

Cherry Creek Systems is confident that the new Universal Linear Guide Attachment will benefits growers in an unprecedented way. There are so many options when deciding what works best for a greenhouse operation. Fans, mowers, pest control, and lights are just a few of the ways to use this exciting new product to save time and money to do more with less. Please contact us with any questions or to get the Universal Linear Guide Attachment ordered now!